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In January 2001, Venerable Master Chin Kung, an eminent Buddhist master who has been teaching the Dharma for over fifty years, established the Pure Land Learning College Association, Inc. in Toowoomba, “The Garden City” of Australia. The largest inland city, with its twenty-three private schools, technical college, and university, Toowoomba provided an ideal location for the Buddhist institution.


Master Chin Kung, feeling deeply that Buddhism had declined due to a lack of Dharma practitioners, propagators, and protectors, hopes the PLLCA will serve two purposes. The first is to provide a good learning environment for the students who aspire to learn and practice Pure Land Buddhism and the teachings of the sages. The second is to train Dharma propagators and protectors.


The Pure Land Learning College Chinese Library has an extensive collection including the Complete Library of the Four Branches of Literature, Selections from the Four Branches of Literature, and more than ten versions of the Buddhist Canon. In addition, there are hundreds of CDs and DVDs for study. The library is also where lectures are given. The English and Vietnamese libraries are housed in the Classroom Building.


In recent years, the PLLCA has participated in several international conferences. In 2005, the Pure Land Learning College, Association, Inc, Griffith University, and UNESCO jointly hosted the international symposium “Cultivating Wisdom and Harvesting Peace.” In 2006, at the invitation of UNESCO, the master led monastics and residents of the college to UNESCO Headquarters in Paris where the PLLCA co-hosted the “Celebration of the 2550th Birth Anniversary of the Buddha.” In 2009, the college co-hosted “One Humanity, Many Faiths,” an interfaith summit for peace and harmony in Australia and the South Pacific Region with the Griffith University Multi-Faith Centre.





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