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Welcome to the Pure Land Learning College


Located in Toowoomba, Australia,

the Pure Land Learning College Association, Inc. was founded in 2001 by

Venerable Master Chin Kung.


The goal of the college is twofold:

to provide a good learning environment for the students

who aspire to learn and practice Pure Land Buddhism and the teachings of the sages,

and to train and nurture successors to continue the propagation of Buddhism.


To accomplish this, the college first emphasizes the foundation studies of

Changing Destiny, Guidelines for Being a Good Person,

Accounts of Request and Response, the Ten Virtuous Karmas Sutra, and

Precepts for Novice Monks.


These texts are the foundation in the study of

morality, ethics, causality, wisdom, and science.


Building on this foundation, students will progress to advanced studies

in the five Pure Land sutras and one treatise.




Daily Living


“Education is essential

in building a country and in guiding its people.

Cultivation of oneself

is the foundation;

teaching is the

first priority.”